Winter Vacation Ideas

7 top travel destinations for 2017.

Winter has settled in and the thermometer is going to be below zero for at least another month or two. If you haven’t gone on a vacation yet, start planning today.

Check out these seven exclusive vacation ideas that are sure to recharge you for the final push to spring.

1. Hot springs in the land of fire and ice
Fly in to Reykjavik, Iceland and visit the Blue Lagoon or any of the other hot springs that pocket this interesting, and under-visited, country. The culinary scene is burgeoning, as chefs are mastering the local cuisine.

2. South African safari
See lions, zebras and elephants up close from the safety of an off-road vehicle. And once you’ve got your fill of the wild, you can extend your stay with some time in Cape Town, the Cape Winelands and the Cape of Good Hope.

3. Hong Kong -- Shanghai -- Beijing
The plane ride may be long, but China has a lot to offer people looking for a fulfilling vacation: adventure, history, food and welcoming faces ready to share in the delights. Start by visiting these three very different metropolises.

4. Visit Middle Earth
New Zealand came into its own as a premier vacation destination following the Lord of the Rings movies. Here, you can climb volcanoes, go big-game fishing, hike in caves and relax on the beach all in one action-packed week.

5. All aboard the Orient Express
Go back in time, and experience the beautiful calm of a luxury train ride through the heart of Europe headed toward the East. Why not end your winter with five-star dining and a glass (or two) of champagne in the bar car?

6. The exclusive Jamaica experience
GoldenEye is located in Oracabessa Bay, on the north coast of Jamaica, and it was designed with the word “exclusive” in mind. It’s not cheap but if private cabins, private beaches and private pools are what you’re looking for, this boutique resort is for you.

7. Heli-skiing at Revelstoke Mountain Resort
For an at-home extreme adventure, why not jump out of a helicopter for the ultimate skiing experience that Canada has to offer. Revelstoke gets so much powder that people who live near the Alps will still hop on a plane and come over for the experience.

You work hard and it’s important to escape the daily grind. If these vacation ideas aren’t possible right now, bookmark this page and keep them on hand for the future.

And make sure you plan for a little adventure one way or another over the next eight weeks!

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